5 tips of Resiliency

5 tips of Resiliency

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Until Tomorrow Comes

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Love- We are to love as Jesus love the church. When you desire a mate, we should learn to have the patience to seek the Lord and hence wait on the Lord. We should never be too hasty, and if and when we do, in the process. I can tell you at one time in my life I did not wait and my choices were not good ones. I had to let go and give it over to God, and know that what is mines by divine right will come at the right time.

Life-There is nothing new under the sun. We will go through various ups and downs. However we will find our strength in the power to overcome. The lessons we learn will help us to empower yourself through experience and help others through sharing our stories. Once in my life I almost gave up, I was so broken down and didn't want to live. God saved me and he can save you too! So never give up!

Relationships – When we proceed to enter into a new relationship we should make sure we do not take baggage from one relationship to another. If this occurs begin to learn to self-awareness and heal all wounds. It is necessary to give each relationship a fair chance and not measure it by previous hurts and pains. In my life, I would always move from relationships with a clear mind, knowing that I did what was necessary to keep it together, and when it ended I had no regrets. If I did something that needed correcting, I took the proper time to heal my heart before moving to next relationship.

Spiritual - For God so love the world, he gave his only begotten son. This is a very important relationship to have. We should start each day affirming our spiritual development in the word and learning his purpose for your life. Also know that anything we go through there is a bible scripture that gives you a path to follow. My personal relationship with God is what has kept me all my life, and each day to always seek him and listen when he speaks. I find comfort in his word that will never come back void.

I’ve Arrived ~ Self- worth – Always believe in yourself and your ability. You may have been knocked down and have had many stumbling blocks in your path. However, God deems you as worthy. Know that the battle is already won, and work each day to develop your character and integrity. Never allow someone else opinion of you cloud who you know that you are. BE YOU! Be Authentic!

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