Realistic Poetry International Review

Identity and who we envision ourselves to be is ultimately the essence of how we will choose to take care of ourselves and what decisions we will make to do it. And from the moment we are born into the magnificently complex and competitive world, every ounce of nourishment and love becomes critical to the health and wellness of our development. Author LaDonna Marie, also Author of the book entitled, Eloquent Love Notes, carefully unwraps the deafening bounds of silence and destroys the detrimental walls of insecurity through raw, real, emotional poetic testimonials. In this book, the character, Abby, bold-faces every emotional truth that has ever impacted her life, character, and self-evolution process by proficiently exposing bittersweet unspoken fragments from her life. Like much of our youth in today’s generation, she admits how she grew up in a love-deficient environment, ultimately causing her innate desire for love to burn fervently, while unsatisfied, left discontent. Subsequently, this lead her down a lone, acold, and all too often, farinaceous road, full of illusions and unfulfilling deceptions. In result, an encouraged, yet weary Abby finally collides worlds with only what appears to be, perpetual versions of romantic evanescence. Exploring the romantic realm, the character in the book quickly learns that relationships are far away from perfect ‘wine-and-dine fairy-tales’, and unfortunately, with this realization, the heavy weight already caving in on her heart becomes ten times more dense! In the poem entitled, ‘Silent Thoughts’, it is pellucid of just how bad the neglect she once endured tortuously provoked her defenseless, famished spirit. In the words of the Author, she says; “I desire to be the apple of your eye The chosen one Not placed on a trophy case But loved and embraced My mind screams for interactions Mental stimulation Yet I feel deprived and starved...” distinctively displaying the void emptiness apparently haunting her to no end. And as you continue to read along, love appears to show no signs of mercy for this frail, guiltless, and tenderhearted soul, no matter how many rivers of tears she cries! In her poem entitled, ‘At the end of the day’, she starts out saying; “She’s just a girl Who wants love, One who feels like she is Physically at the End of her journey, Wanting to put Down her compass...”; exhaling the overwhelming exhaustion accumulated from repeated relationship failures and disappointments. Taking the entire contents of this book into account, regardless of her past struggles, mistakes, and let- downs, Author LaDonna Marie concludes this book with an uplifting and victorious end! Abby’s strength and courage is bestowed by the undying faith and belief that she has for God, which like an impenetrable fortress continually protects her and keeps her ground. With that being said, we would like to leave you with one of our favorite quotes from the poem entitled, ‘Beautiful me’, which we found beautifully inspiring and hope you do to, and that is: “I stand here in front of this mirror truly loving what I see Loving every flaw and every strength Thank God for creating me in his image The person standing here looking back at me is strong and courageous She represents Beautiful me.” This book deserves a 5 star rating! We encourage you to get your copy today.

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