Life and Writing

Let me you I have been writing poetry since the age of 14. Yes, I was a teenager full of emotions and ready to let this pen be on Fire to do all that the Lord desired for me to do. Wow!! First, can you believe that was 20 years ago? I set out trusting the what God said which was as he healed me, my writing would help him to heal others.

So with that very important thought in mind, I set out to empower and impact every person I met. Surly, I have accomplished that and I feel very humbled that often others say that I inspire them to keep moving forward. So, really all of my life I have been writing poetry, which later turned into a devotional and a children’s books, and now a workbook too. That’s my therapist side wanting to be free to continue to help others.

I am writing this blog, today to just share with you that this process as a Single Mom Life now is not easy. However, It's so worth it. I never want others to think, I don't have bad days or rough times. I just make lemonade with my lemons. Just the other day I had just got my book back from the editor. Quiet Moments with God 21 Days of Positive Inspiration, that is coming this Summer.

I was soooo Excited and ready to dive in, and my boys have practice and thus I had to make sure I take the manuscript to the baseball field also. Hahaha right, that’s what you call multitasking, how about this one. I had an author poetry feature and they both had practice. Picture this same practice field but one is practicing baseball and the other is on the opposite side practicing football. Talk about my head was going from left to right and had to Go LIVE.

One of the things, that I did in the very beginning was making sure my children, know how important they are. To make time for them and finding fun things for them too. Just a little encouragement: Keep surviving and thriving. You rock single mom. #Rebuildingfragments

Here are a couple things I do:

Breathe and ask for help

Set Boundaries (me time vs family time)

Set a schedule for our lives (try to stick to it)

Be productive

Don’t feel guilty (all the time)

Love on my Kids

I hope you enjoy this blog. Just want to share a little be of my life here. I am always writing and ready to empower. I also must take a break.

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