Throwback Interview from 2015

So much is going on in the world. The weather has gone haywire, their is famine and what society would like to call natural disasters, and many events that have never been foreseen are taking place. What do you think is in this message?

I think the message is that we need to start lining up our lives according the path that he has set for us. Prayer is a big part of staying in his presence, so that we can be able to allow the Lord to order our steps.

Life Lessons...we all could definitely use a few daily. Why the step out from your normal poetry books? What gave you the green light to be a vessel for peace within self?

Great question. Yes this is a new avenue for me. Trust me I had to wait for the green light for this devotional. I was walking through my house and I basically was having visions of some of my friends, and family that had past that was close to me. So I immediately stopped and asked for wisdom, and I heard the Lord say for the next 31 days write about all of the life lessons that I learn through his quiet moment with him. I am so humbled that through my obedience, I pray this book is a blessing to everyone who reads it.

You are young and talented. Many your age are quite private with their dealings with God. Some even have yet to build a bridge to knowing him. What is your advice to young men and women who are riding the spiritual fence? What do you tell our young'ns about walking in the flesh apposed to walking in Christ? How do you balance life?

Thank you so much for your kind compliment. I would give the advice that God is real! That he is here to always help and he promised to never leave us. So no matter you may be going through, when you rely on him and is always there to help. I always make sure my children know that God is available to them. I have learned that God is a gentleman, and he will wait for us to ask him for help; therefore, we have to seek Him, listen, and obey. ~ LaDonna Marie

What is the first lesson you learned about your need to walk with faith and not by sight? And how do you keep waking in his light?

My first lessons that God grace and mercy is everlasting. God had to help me to see to fully trust in him to do things for me in my own strength. Once he help me to realize that my load began to get lighter.

First Blessing: That he save my life for a car accident, when I was a younger.

First recognized Blessing: The moment when God save me from attempting suicide.

What made you miss the first blessing? And where were you mentally as a woman, a mother and a daughter to the king?

I think the first blessing, I was so young, I was about 7 or 8 years of age. I just knew I was alive and move on to the next day. With My first recognized blessing, is because I realized that I could have been a statistic and lost my life. I am fully aware now and thankful that God, gave me another channel to make difference in the lives of others. So with part of my life I always try to show others the compassion that God has shown me.

I word if advice:

I would like to give this last bit on advice. To trust in the Lord with all your heart. Trust that he loves and will cares for you. All remember to align your will with his will and know that all things are possible.


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