Poem I am Woman

National Poetry Month #12 I am woman I am woman hear me roar I am strong because I've been weak I am resilient because I've gone through I am powerful because I've been restored I am persistent because I have preserved through every obstacles that landed on my path I am woman hear me roar I am fearless because I dug deep to find my voice I am excited about my future because I have closed the door to my past I am beautiful because I chose To shower myself with self love I am confident because I choose to believe in myself and dismiss the opinion of others I am woman hear me roar I am victorious because I focus on my destiny I will succeed because the word says if God is within her she will not fail. (c) 2016 #LaDonnaMarie #LaDonnaMarieBooks #nationalpoetrymonth #poet #poem #poetry #books #DiscovertheChampioninYou #encourageingothers #restoration #resilience #Godfirst #daughteroftheking #empoweringwomen #womenempowerment 


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