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Books are good gifts 🎁

As we get closer to the holidays, our thoughts turn toward the meaning of the season and our desire to give gifts to loved ones. Give the gift of inspiration, choose one or both. 😁 Quiet Moments with God: 21 Days of Positive $ 6.00 Sale Price In 21 Days of Positive Inspiration, the author would like to inspire a different outlook on how to perceive our day-to-day life experiences. Each day brings its own situations, setbacks, victories, and triumphant moments. https://www.ladonnamarie.org/product-page/pre-order-quiet-moments-with-god-21-days-of-positive-inspiration Quiet Moments with God: Volume 1 $ 6.00 Sale Price The author wants to express that life brings joyful, happy moments along with trials and tribulations. As you progress along your journey, it is important to stay present in the moment and understand that each day is a new blessing and a gift from God that should be cherished. https://www.ladonnamarie.org/product-page/quiet-moments-with-god 




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